Every innovation starts somewhere.


Websites are grossly outdated. To successfully run businesses you need
more than a website. Product accessibility is the key
How can businesses achieve that.


3 week Startup

Take off your business


3 Month Evolution

Make it accessible
to your key segments


6 Months Products

Identify & solve business
problems using UX methodologies

innovation stories.

Subconscious Content

Conventionally, content is a conscious activity. We choose the time, place and context to build a narrative.
Showraker sought to lower the barrier further for users seeking to generate content. Allowing users to generate content subconsciously felt the best way to lower the entry barrier to the barest. Showraker , enables users to generate Subconscious contnet.

No stories, just the truth!

System mapping with Graded reaction

Showraker builds on user engagement by enabling graded reaction. In real life users do not just like and dislike. Their emotions occur in sporadic grades, not just black and white.
Reactions are graded through various emotional states through quantative grading.

Vocal Mode

Vocal mode allows users to react to uploaded content using vocal medium. Vocal mode allows users to react to uploaded content using vocal medium. Vocal mode allows users to react to uploaded content using vocal medium.

Ergonomy of the Thumb

Content generation is a conscious activity. Its a deliberate process. We choose the context, time and the premise to roll out a narrative. Subconscious content is an effort to lower the entry barrier for generating content using the subconscious contnet generation method.

D- talk

The bond between dogs and humans is built on trust, respect, and communication. Dogs are  social animals and have the ability to understand and respond to human emotions and behavior. This understanding and communication between dogs and humans can deepen the relationship and strengthen the bond, yet we do not really know what dogs are saying. How can we understand the emotional experience of dogs and put it in simple terms. This has been the journey at D - Talk.


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